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Missing my sense of snow

Missing my sense of snow My move out to San Francisco means I have to make peace with rolling morning fog, ten degree differences in weather from one section of San Francisco to the next and likely no snow this coming year.  Note, I say “likely” considering that […]

We are a layer of walls

We are a layer of walls   As a frequent traveller, I love walking the city sidewalks and photographing all that my eye and camera can catch. For me, the walls and the graffiti and murals that adorn them are of grand interest. Everywhere we go there are […]

There is always something bigger

Scale: There is always something bigger   We are in the midst of a brutal winter and supposedly this afternoon will be the coldest temperature yet of this season. However, of course, it is winter. Shouldn’t we expect cold, frigid temperatures and buckets of snow?   Seems people were perhaps […]