Smell the world as you travel and learn from it

Stand tall and smell the world

When you travel from city to city, country to country, your sense become heightened. It is as if you are Spiderman swinging from one side to the other. Our eyes take in the splendor of the architecture, the fashion, the people. We touch the new earth and buildings and delight in new tastes. We listen to the melodic new languages around us. We listen to the jazz and to the beat of the footsteps.

We touch, see, taste, and listen on our travels. What about our sense of smell?  I can smell a new place. Each city smells differently. The smells represent the different foods that are being cooked. The smells represent the different body washes and fragrance preferences. The smells represent the industries and bloodlines of the economy.  There is so much to take in through our sense of smell.  As humans, we are able to recognize thousands of different smells, and we are able to detect the tiniest of odors. Did you know that our scent cells regenerate every 30 to 60 days? Seems to me such regeneration should accompany a travel itinerary.

In visiting parts of what stands of the Berlin Wall, came across these murals that showcased the sense of smell in very different ways. One showcases faces without noses and the other shows beings breathing in through a face mask. Are these to protect individuals from the toxicities that lie in the air or are they a way of muting humanities abilities to be true and whole?

IMG_3053What do you see in these?  What do you read?


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  1. I really enjoyed reading this and thinking about those pieces. Agreed- I’ve never felt as aware as when I moved across the US by myself and saw the west coast for the first time. Scent is an awesome sense. Our olfactory systems goes to the limbic systems in our brains which are also known as the houses of our emotions. It explains why smelling something is completely reactive, rather than something we logically determine.


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