We are a layer of walls

We are a layer of walls


As a frequent traveller, I love walking the city sidewalks and photographing all that my eye and camera can catch. For me, the walls and the graffiti and murals that adorn them are of grand interest. Everywhere we go there are ways. We ourselves are walking walls. Our makeup, clothes, tattoos are part of our walls. I know that I always wear pink, purple or some variant thereof.  I don’t wear makeup yet I’m still dolled up in other ways. I am sending a message. My body, is my temple, is my wall.


We decorate our city walls in the same way. We decorate the walls of our houses in ways that let visitors know a bit of what we fancy and value.


Restaurant walls also let you know about the mood in which they wish to place you.


Walls are part of how we present ourselves to others and help cover what we do not want in plain sight.  They represent our past and history. They also represent our future.


Before you enter a location, the walls prepare you for what you are to find.


Walls serve as physical barriers as well.



What you put on this morning tells a little bit of how you wish to present yourself to the world.


What’s on your wall today?



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