There is always something bigger

Scale: There is always something bigger


We are in the midst of a brutal winter and supposedly this afternoon will be the coldest temperature yet of this season. However, of course, it is winter. Shouldn’t we expect cold, frigid temperatures and buckets of snow?   Seems people were perhaps getting bit too used to the idea of global warming. When in actuality it is perhaps more like global weirding.  With all the snow falling down on our heads and shoulders day after day, things are getting more scaled.  By this I mean, that the snow piles are starting to make us realize how small we are in comparison to mother nature. There are some piles out there that certainly cover a large portion of my body.  The snow, as such is humbling even in the big apple. We look up and see our big skyscrapers and are in awe of them but we still have an immense sense of self. Then we get dwarfed by mother nature. Yes, there is always something out there that is bigger.


It seems everywhere we go now around the globe there is a race for bigger and taller. In certain places like Japan it makes sense since the horizontal space is tiny and there are a lot of people to accommodate.

Recently, we were in Berlin, where they are proud of the fact that there are not that many skyscrapers by design. Yet, when you travel with a six year old, you realize how everything is always scaled. His little head was always looking up that is when he wasn’t looking down at the snow on the ground trying to make miniature snowballs.  As I looked around thinking of his tiny nature, I realized that everything in the landscape is almost trying to one up the other in terms of scale.


Even in a place of no skyscrapers, something is always bigger.


…that is until you go way up high and look down on the masses.


Even up above, when you feel mighty, you still see the interplay of scale that is occurring all about you.


Yes, the snow is getting to be a bit too much. It could just be mother nature’s way of reminding us that we are not that grand.

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  1. Isn’t funny how we are surprised by winter? It happens every year! LOL You photos were indeed beautiful, I loved the frost/snow covered trees, so beautiful.
    I live in Northern Indiana, we get a lot of snow off lake Michigan, but not near what NY is getting this year. We keep going until the cops tell us to stay home, we still get out and keep going.
    Have a lovely winter, hope it’s full of promise, fun and lots of juxtaposition!


  2. It’s all relative, isn’t it? Personally, I have stopped comparing myself to others and am much happier, more at peace and (self) fulfilled since removing myself from any potentially competitive situations.

    Wonder if “the world” or “civilization” would benefit by backing away generally from “one-upmanship?” Maybe that’s what “Mother Nature” is trying to tell us?


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