Today-the Feast of the Holy Innocents- is a day My Mom Would Have Loved

Today is a day My Mom Would Have Loved


My mother loved, with ALL CAPS, loved April Fool’s Day. She looked forward to that day more than most other holidays. She had a bit of a prankster streak in her; which was passed onto me. I totally love pulling people’s legs. I don’t do silly pranks like whoopie cushions. Instead I love to tease and push people’s buttons. That counts as being in the vein of April Fool’s Day, right? Right! Anyway, today is the equivalent of April Fool’s Day in Latin America. As a Puerto Rican cowgirl she would have proclaimed this day to be her special day.

With me currently being in Berlin shopping at flea markets, I could not help but look at the various trinkets strewn about the stalls and wonder how my mom would have used any of those items in her latest prank scheme. Boy, did she scheme. She would plan some tricks out over the course of several weeks just to make sure she got them right. She always endeavored to  lay out the  ground work so that the odd situation she concocted would have some semblance of possibility.


Now mind you, the Feast of the Holy Innocents is rooted in darkness for it commemorates the massacre of the children by King Herod in his attempt to kill the infant Jesus. These children were regarded by the early church as the first martyrs.   To go from that dark situation to one of merriment seems quite a stretch.   Being here in Berlin also gives a jolt to the system when you consider some of its dark past moments. Further, I would be remiss in my accounts if I did not note that today is another sad day worldwide in that there is now another missing flight.  Air Asia Flight 8501 was en route from Indonesia to Singapore when it disappeared. It seems unreal at this point to wake up yet again in a foreign country to another story of a downed or missing flight. My mom, were she alive, would be quite troubled by this and would be extremely worried for me. She was always scared by my travels. She was thrilled when she heard of my adventures, but she always worried when I flew from take off to touch down. I always had to call her the minute I landed. Yes, today, I think of mom in more ways than one.

Today, along with the flea markets, its a jaunt to the Jewish Quarter.   My mom would have been enthralled by the adventurous nature of this day. It probably would have been a “perfect day”.  It would be similar to how my little boy felt that yesterday, when we went up the Reichstag (up the dome), was an absolutely perfect fun day. For him, acting as a tour guide and scaling the heights of the city (sort of like Superman) was a thrill he will not forget anything time. Granted he is six years old and soon is relative.


I do wish my mother were here for this trip. She loved reading about history and learning about countless anecdotes and facts.  She would have been punch-drunk happy breathing in the air of such history. Each air particle would fill her with a need to know more about her surroundings. She was a curious woman and she made sure to pass that deeply-embedded curiosity onto me.

I stand here mesmerized. I stand here trying to take it all in so that one day I can fill her in on all my grand adventures. One thing I won’t do, I pull any pranks today. Its best to leave those type of things to the professionals -like my mom.   I’ll just be happy knowing she would have delighted in some prank planning and some trinket shopping.

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  1. It must be hard without your mother….my mother and I enjoy with caps April Fool’s Day as well…I too spend weeks thinking about the perfect prank to pull off…my mom usually falls for them…she thinks I should have gone to acting school…

    On another note…it’s so fun to be able to go on your trip to Berlin with you through your photograghs..thank you


  2. Do you also realize the irony of visiting the Jewish quarter on this day as you described its origin? I am starting to learn something about the origins of Christianity in general and the Church in particular, so I also wonder if the origin of this holiday as you describe it might also be a myth promulgated by the Church to serve its purposes.

    Don’t want to put a damper on your fond memories and your enjoyment of Berlin, but as the daughter of a Holocaust survivor sometimes I just can’t help myself.


    • Yeah, afterwards i thought about that. Its not a damper at all. Please always do share.
      Sorry to hear your family suffered through the holocaust.

      My father in law was a refugee (jewish and thrown out of his home country) and i have been thinking about that too while here.


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