Category: Psychology

Thinking about it all through the night

Try to sleep. Feel tired. Exhausted. Mind racing. Knees sore. Legs twitchy. Stare at the ceiling. Don’t count sheep. Cannot see them. Think through should-have-been retorts. Laugh at the incredulous. Scene after scene. Thought after thought. Snippets. Looking for the one bright light. Fall asleep sitting. Wake up […]

It’s time to find time

The morning light is so dark The heart racing The eyes tired but can’t be shut The throat is tight The lips protruding Breathe in, Breathe out Count some more sheep Yet the ghosts linger and float about Not much to be done Supposedly there’s fun to be […]

Changed my writing time

Nothing during and coming out of this pandemic had stayed the same. Nor can it. Nor should it, necessarily. One thing that has changed for me, besides my level of cynacism, is my writing time and writing style.  Like clockwork, everyday for more than five years, I always set […]