Category: Psychology

So many chocolates

It’s a Sunday night, and I’m exhausted. Words are starting to come back together. Hunger is coming back. However, when I look around at all the flowers and gift baskets, I’m taken back by the sheer volume of chocolate. I have dark and white chocolates. There’s chocolate and […]

101 introduction

Today marks 101 days straight of writing. Some days have been easier. On other days, it’s been quite a struggle to string a sentence together. Lately, my brain has been a tad bit foggy. Simple tasks such as writing my name down on a clipboard at the radiology […]

That’s too wide a salary range

When I first heard that New York, followed by California, would now require salary transparency I was hopeful. I thought it was a good move. I believe nothing hurts a company worse than lack of transparency. And, it starts with recruitment. When I interview candidates, I give them […]

I slept for a little bit

I’m not going to lie. I’m a bit groggy. I may or may not make any sense. After a day intermixed with work and having a difficult post office transaction, I needed to sit on the couch and watch a completely silly no-effort movie. I watched the Netflix […]