Category: Psychology

I want an axe

I admit that today I really wanted an axe. Or to go throw one. There’s actually a place to do do near me filled with games and beers. Sounds kind of dangerous but also like a lot of fun. Just as I got over that idea, I went […]

A great distaste of belts

Yesterday I was ranting and raving about my love of meatballs. Which still holds true today and most likely tomorrow. We all have certain things we just love. Can be strawberry Gelato, pizza, or curry eggplant. I actually love all those things. But right now, I’m not feeling […]

For the love of meatballs

It’s nearing midnight. I’ve been staying up night after night. I’ve been watching Pretty Little Liars wondering how A was allowed to get away with do much. Secrets can rely bring you down. If honest, you will be set free. Although, the television series does illustrate how grudges […]

Where’s your funny bone?

Shiny happy people. The college rock band REM sang about them a few decades ago. Supposedly, there were “Shiny happy people holding handsShiny happy people laughing.” But as Paula Cole once asked where’d all the cowboys go, I ask where’d all the happy people go? Seriously! I like […]