Category: Psychology

Yup, aha, next…

Just last week I waxed and waned about a pet peeve of mine. Well, I have many. And many are not really all that deep nor are they truly things that keep me up at night. They are just things that mildly irk me and once I talk […]

Hi…oh, nevermind

Pet peeves, despite being fundamentally annoying, can be fun. Or rather, one can laugh at them. Or rather, one can laugh at the people who have some silly pet peeves. Or, you can commiserate and list out your own. Today, someone shared with me several of their pet […]

Too split to be whole

Confusion reigns supreme My mind is split My house divided Become unrooted Unmoored No space is home But both provide a space to lay my head Begging myself for help Too split to be whole But a hole in ny consciousness is getting larger Gonna fall through with […]