Category: Psychology

My mind has been breached

Dream, dream, dream Give in to to the breaking seams Practice what I preach My mind has been breached Doubt, chaos, and curiosity It all feels like grand monstrosity Evil can be banal Swimming in a pitted canal Heart racing Bracing Standing on a fiercely moving windmill Can’t […]

Turn the sound down

This year has been an exercise in turning the sound down. Ignoring the noise. This much-needed exercise for me has been at the personal, professional, and societal level. Earlier this year, a dear friend tried to calm me down by telling me to ignore a particular person who […]

Computer- end program

I recently recalled a tense situation from over five years back. It was a room filled with people who didn’t want to be there and a woman who was gruff and angry spilling her anger over everyone. I remember telling myself repeatedly that the situation would eventually end. […]