Category: Poetry

You took my sight from me

    I was left wandering the ruins I was left wondering whether things were ruined You gave false hope because you know nothing else   Your fires left no bridges Your tongue lagged behind our truths You waged a false war because your bones thrive on nothing […]

No need to even look this way

That’s it At last it is time to saunter away No tight ties that bind No other cuffs to hamstring The ghosts wondered if it had truly ended But now the finishing point’s horizon is clear Over and out Done and not won over Divorcing from ridiculousness Farewell […]

To go to sleep

To go to sleep Tired and confused To go to sleep Unwittingly and naively To go to sleep Full of grace To go to sleep With love in mind To go to sleep Passionately awake To go to sleep With the hope of waking up To go to […]

You make me presentable

You hold me up You keep me together You make me presentable Although, ostensibly nowadays I hold you up Synergistic Contemplative A strong constitution No zephyr can tear you apart But my unhappiness can You bind me For we are interlocked You remind me of when I need […]