Category: Poetry

To go to sleep

To go to sleep Tired and confused To go to sleep Unwittingly and naively To go to sleep Full of grace To go to sleep With love in mind To go to sleep Passionately awake To go to sleep With the hope of waking up To go to […]

You make me presentable

You hold me up You keep me together You make me presentable Although, ostensibly nowadays I hold you up Synergistic Contemplative A strong constitution No zephyr can tear you apart But my unhappiness can You bind me For we are interlocked You remind me of when I need […]

You live in darkness

Not a bitter heart Not a hardened bone You’ve been tickled pink You’ve danced a mighty step You are not dark You can love Yet you live in darkness Fear, all consuming The shades are down The mufflers lessening the noise Tired worn paths provide comfort Everything for […]

The myth was a good one

I was so much happier not knowing I could have gone without knowing Your troubles, your thoughts The mushiness and softness of your constitution They all leave me despondent I cry for I wish I didn’t know The myth was a good one I could have been happy […]

Need to sew a new song 

Paranoia There are eyes everywhere There are bad whispers in the ears There are palpitations at every turn Need to rest the brain Mute the buttons Sew a new song The eyes dart to and from No rest till there’s no more The bloodied fingers are too salty […]

Go to sleep wretched fingers

Those wretched set of fingers Twisted and bloodied From bearing false witness Pained and bruised Like an inflamed ego flapping in the wind Oh they have cramped Bearing the weight of empty noise Those wretched set of fingers Pointed and shouted Should have been long muted Were allowed […]