Category: death

Dirt on her face

From up above everything looks so small. That is why she goes parachuting every other month. Its an expensive habit and high. Pun intended. Its so cliche to feel alive when tumbling through the air.  The uncertainty makes one’s vision clear. She needed a reprieve. She had been […]

75 lightning strikes

Seventy five lightning strikes. That is all that it took. Red always looked good on her and now it was even more striking. It was time to keep this secret quiet. There was nothing more that could be said. The evening had started well enough with a gentle […]

stripped my pride

   He closed his eyes and sighed Powerless to change the course I clicked my heels but didn’t disappear He went off instead into the netherworld I cried Stripped my pride There was no stride He was gentle and small The fuzziest cheese curd Nothing but love Why […]