Category: crime

The sirens called

    She didn’t want to think. She had to swim. She had to swim as if her life depended on it. she realized how dumb that thought was.  The cops were in hot pursuit.  She couldn’t breathe. She had to reach the blue light.   The light […]

The Hand in the Garbage

    She loved the view from her apartment window. She could see the sun rise and the flowers begin to bloom.  She could see the top of the churches and be mesmerized. It was all good. Nothing could make her feel differently about the world.   The […]

I was roadkill

  I was roadkill Left to rot I was roadkill Then I was not I was disconnected from life Others ignoring the lifeless bodies on the roads I was destined for more But then I was roadkill Rumble strips and salt licks No refuge or shelter I was roadkill Left […]

Who’s that girl?

  She sat quietly looking at the photograph displayed in the local cafe. She always came in and order her shwarma platter with the spicy green sauce. No kebabs served here and they made sure to tell you that in bold letters on the storefront window. They wanted […]

It was time to get lucky

  It was time to get lucky. She could feel it. She knew she should head to the liquor store and get a scratcher.  All signs were pointing to things turning around.  The doctor said her mom would recover. Her daughter’s grades had improved markedly.  Sometimes things just had […]