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I love to travel, try new foods (both simple and "exotic"), ingest caffeine, and watch political news coverage. Im a big pop culture junkie who isnt afraid to say she loves "In Touch" Magazine! A social marketing expert and psychologist by training who works in the public health field trying to bring a little common sense to it all.
All the world is my television and I like to provide commentary on it.

You’re not in Kansas Anymore, Dr. Dorothy

It’s not a coincidence that “meaningless” is synonymous with “academic”. Since the collapse of the academic job market in the 1970’s, universities have been cranking out doctoral students across a wide range of fields. And as the graduate student population sells, the relevancy of academic research shrinks. Smaller […]

What, do I smell like a psychologist?

Ok, once and for all let’s get this straight. There are clinical psychologists who see patients, have couches, snort cocaine, and trace everything back to your mother. Then there are research psychologists. They have no patients, the only place they have a couch is in their living room, […]