Happy Mother’s Day: I’m quirky, silly, strong and more

The dog woke me up at 7am and wanted a long walk. And, he was peppy. He did his business, sniffed the roses, and looked up at me with his brown/green eyes. I was going to take this to be his way of communicating “happy mother’s day” to me.

My sister also reminded me, early in the morning, of how our mother used to keep sculpture elephants in the house facing backward for good luck. It was one of a 1,000 superstitions my my mother held.

This all got me thinking of how my son will remember me in the future. What thoughts will come to his mind in future Mother’s Day events as he remembers me. He may say quirky, silly, and strong. He’ll say I bounce back. I love him unconditionally, although he dislikes my constant reminders to clean up. He’ll hopefully remember fondly, our mommy and son trips.

The legacy we leave our kids is of great importance. The memories. The moments. Those will randomly pop up in their and our own heads as both mothers and children. Today, I wear both a white and red carnation.

Happy mother’s day to all!

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