Veering from adventurer to whimsical for my birthday

Every year, I come up with a word in December to capture the new upcoming year. Some years, my word is spot on. Other years, not so much. For this current year, the word I had selected back in December was “adventurer.” Then life deflated my adventure ballon. I’m just starting to adjust to my new realities and am still addressing health issues for which no medical provider can be confident of a diagnosis.

I haven’t felt much in the mood for an adventure. However, I know this fatigue and weariness is not me. I will have to ease into adventures. I have also been slowly rearranging my house. In particular, I have been focused on the living room. And, in my rearrangement, I have found a sense of whimsy. I have some whimsical art pieces that I have placed front and center. I have picked some brighter colors.

Whimsy! It works for me. I think. I believe I need a few doses of whimsy to go back to my adventurer self. And, that sense of whimsy is the gift I am giving myself (along with the gift of grace) this year for my birthday. It’s time to change course.

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  1. Whimsy Embodies SPiRiT oF CReATiViTY iN PLaY
    A Very ‘Black And White’ ‘Poet’ Once Told me

    Changing Capitalization in Free Play

    of Words Serves No Added

    Utility in the Science

    of Poetry Hehe

    And Then i Responded

    Of Course There is No Reason

    Why i Dance And Sing Free i Am Not

    Going Anywhere With What i am Doing

    i Am Always Arriving Now on the Whim of Play

    Haven’t Ya Done Caterpillar And Cocoon Long Enough

    Aren’t You Ready For Butterfly Play Anyway He Went on
    Then to
    A Bunch

    of ‘Q-Anon

    And Told me i Should
    Repent for my Naked
    Whimsical Art As Well

    Even Though ‘Isaiah’ Did it For 3 Bare
    Years and The Old ‘David’ Dude Said
    He’d Do It Even Longer And Harder
    Than A Public Dance And A Rather

    Cold Statue AS Such only Sculpted

    And Then i Basically Said Dear Miriam

    Hell No NoT Now i’m Vacaying in Heaven

    Choose Your Medicine Wisely Why So Serious
    Now is All THere is Why Not PLaY in CREaTiViTY

    And Wear
    the Naked
    Clothes of Whim
    Embodying Original Creativity For Real

    It’s Interesting Indeed How the most Literal
    ‘Black and White’ Folks Will AND DO Believe
    The Strangest

    of Myths

    As Real Then

    And Never Even
    Create Their Own
    Life Free With Wings…

    Butterflies Will Fly in Meadows
    Free Oh Dear Lord A Whole

    New World of Modernity




    Free For No

    Other Reason

    Than Butterflies Fly Fearless Free

    Happy Happy Birthday Dear Miriam

    Again Whim is The Adventure of Truly Free


    The Day After
    May Day Is All
    Yours Forevermore
    NewLY NoW to Do Free in Whim

    There Are only Cool ‘Ravens’
    In This Other Realm of




    ‘The Butterfly’
    Again Forevermorenow..:)


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