It’s April Fool’s Day: In honor of my mom, this is what makes laugh

What makes you laugh?

My mother loved playing pranks on April Fool’s Day. She would scheme for weeks before, often smiling to her as she contemplated how she would fool us. People often wonder why I laugh so much. I really do. Sometimes, I even go into laughing fits. Sadly, not as much lately. But I have managed to find laughter still amidst all my pain and sorrow.

I’d like to think I tend to laugh as much as I do because my mom taught early on to look for and to create those moments for share laughter. A good belly laugh can be the best cure for what ails you. At least, for a moment or two.

As I wake up very early today thinking of my ling to-do list, here are a few things that make me laugh.

My two silly dogs, whom I refer to as thing 1 and thing 2 to crack myself up, make me laugh every day. Each is super sweet but quirky.  Together, they are a riot in how they bark in unison at the deer or a FedEx truck. They also crack me up by following me everywhere and just staring at me.

I love comedy clubs. I love the times when you go to a club and hope you don’t get picked on by the comedian on stage. You laugh but not too boisterously if you are near the front. In that vein, I just love Bill Burr and Jim Jefferies. Sadly, Chris Rock has a little bit of his witty bite. Further, although not stand-up comedy, I do love the comedy show called New Girl. I truly belly lsugh for a good 15 minutes.

I love laughing at evil, take-themselves-too-seriously people.  I particularly love laughing at said people with a few good people who have a bunch of whitty comebacks. The best is texting each other during meetings with abhorrent people. It lightens up the mood. And, that is the power of technology wherein we now meet virtually and can take a laughing reprieve. I know I shouldn’t admit to it. But it’s true, and many of you do it as well.

I also laugh at myself all the time. For instance, I could swear I have solved all of life’s biggest problems in my dreams. The joke is on me that I can’t remember my dreams. I laugh at the thought that if maybe we stayed asleep long enough, life’s problems would be easily solved.

You know what else is funny, that one should just shrug off and laugh about: song lyrics. Think about this lyric “I set fire to the rain.” Hmm. Ok.

I could go on. However, I need to get up and make the donuts. I mean, coffee. I do hope this April Fool’s day is a fun one.

Just remember laughter is good for you. Laughter has health benefits which include lowered stress, heightened immunity, and even increased pain tolerance. That last part, admittedly, doesn’t truly seem fun.

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  1. Absolutely. Humor has helped me through all of the difficult transitions of my life. The ability to laugh at oneself is a gift, not always available in context, but in retrospect, it can be rejuvenating.

    I depend on my “Cosmic Improv Group” to bust me whenever I lose perspective. This is an imaginary cache of creatures whose main source of entertainment is me. I’ve posted blogs about the CIG before.

    My parents both had lively senses of humor. My mother loved puns, while claiming “puns are the lowest form of humor”.

    She also used to tell me to “give it the light touch” when I took something too seriously. Yet, nothing can alleviate tension better than a well timed, unexpected, witticism.

    Pets and other animals can lighten my mood, if I allow it.

    I commend you for your appreciation for the gift of laughter, especially in these troubling times, and in your personal grief. There really is magic in every moment, if we choose to see it.


  2. “A seemingly absurd or self-contradictory statement or
    proposition that when investigated or explained may
    prove to be well founded or true.”

    Paradox: Dear Miriam God Yes

    Strength Comes From Peace

    Will Springs From Love

    Fear is A Source

    oF ALL Weakness

    Love Heals Pain And
    Anxiety Laughter is Love

    Expressed Best Warm Oxytocin

    Flowing From Head to Toe And

    Spreading Like Wild Fire At Least

    To Folks Who Are Open to Love ThiS Way

    iNDeeD How the Meek Inherit The Earth Riding

    A Mule into Town on a ‘Sabbath to Work’ or Just Dancing
    And Singing As


    Do With No


    Where Every
    Word May Be Non-Sense

    in Song Yet The Joy on A Child’s
    Face in This Free Dance And Song

    Is What So-Called Educated Humans

    Forget To Do Replacing Smiles With Frowns

    And This is Why After Living Such A Serious Life in
    Government Work For A Quarter of a Century Particularly
    in White Collar Red Tape Ways to Make Any Decisions in Life

    Where That Truly Foolish And Insane Behavior almost Cost my Life

    i Reclaimed April 1st As my Day Every Day The Fool i Am NewLY NoW

    With A Free Dance For No Other ReaSon Than Laughs and Smiles And

    Of Course The Most WiLL And Strength Standing Upon A Foundation

    of LoVE iN Peace of Grace in Balance As a Free Dance Will Bring Our Entire

    of Finger
    Tips Mastering
    The Within of Peace
    With Love Flowing in

    Naked Enough Whole Complete

    Laughter Echoing in the ‘Forest of Pan…’

    Giving Sharing Caring Healing For All NewLY NoW
    Yes! With Most Respect And Least Harm iN JoY oF LiGHT

    Yet God Yes True the Best Part of All it Doesn’t Require A
    Long Form EPiC Poem Song to Explain Just A Non-Sense
    Dance Full of Emotions and Senses Regulating and Integrating

    From Head to Toe

    Will Play to Make

    The Environment one

    is in A Totally Different

    Experience For the Audience At Hand…

    And iNDeeD THiS WaY The Fool iNHeRiTS LoVE iN Peace

    And Just Gives it Away Dancing As Any Fool Will Love To Do Free…

    Fred’s Day!
    Every Day Ever
    WHeRE i Am NewLY NoW…

    Yet You See i Don’t Own This
    Ever Lasting Day i Only Play…

    Another Way i Express This is in the Military
    Gym A Free Flowing Divine Feminine Dance
    of Peace Finger Tips Feathers in the Wind

    And Then Gently Loading Up 1540 Pounds
    on Two Bars And Roaring Like a Lion

    in Effortless Ease

    Leg Pressing

    The Weight
    12 Reps at Close
    to 63 Years of Age

    Yawn Just Warming Up

    Still Trying To Convince

    The Big Macho Military Men Who May

    Only Budge A Half or Less Than That Much 4 Decades
    Younger Any Inch At All Yes if You Really Wanna Be Strong

    Start Out As A Feather And End Up As the Lion’s Roar…

    A Lion is No Fool Every Graceful Step is A Calorie Saved for


    THiS iS How
    The Meek Inherit The Earth…


    The Other Animals
    Don’t Need Myths
    They Are No Fools
    to Be ‘God’ FOR REAL iN Balance…

    There Are Two Kinds of ‘Tricksters:’

    ‘Trumps’ And


    One Takes

    One Gives Free
    BacK iN ReTurn..:)


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