Let’s do wacky news Tuesday

I’m mixing it up a bit. No longer just wacky news Friday. Nor Monday, as well. See, I’ve come to realize that every day is wacky and brings its own challenges. Wednesdays, I have argued, are actually the most depressing day of the week. I need not get into here. However, if you think about it for a second, you’ll come to agree with me on your own.

1. Look right up right now at the sky. It’s a worm moon. The final full moon of winter. All sorts of shenanigans may ensue. Be prepared. P.S. TikTok users believe the moon phases reveal your ‘soulmate’. Why not? Check it out.

2. A message in a bottle really does happen. A North Carolina man vacationing in the Bahamas found a message in a bottle that turned out to have been launched nearly 7 years earlier off the coast of Nova Scotia. The message noted geographic coordinates and six names, but only four of the names were fully legible. Seems like a case for the Scooby Gang to take on.

3. Talk about vanity. This is sort of funny. People who think they’re attractive are less likely to wear masks, a study shows. Ok. Got to show off the cheek bones and make-up. According to the study, the more attractive a person perceives themselves, the less likely they were to wear a mask because they thought the mask made them less attractive.

4. I wonder how much my iPod is worth? A woman left her 2007 iPhone (which was a gift) in its box for over a decade. It just sold for $63K. I have yet to open my iPod case and it’s one of the last group manufactured. I’ll take $20k for it.

5. Not too sure how this became newsworthy. Charlie Everett has a phobia of ketchup and the smell itsrlf gives her panic attack. I guess it wouldn’t be do strange if it weren’t for the fact that she is a pub waitress. Must be very stressful.

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