You make me laugh silly clown

For some, clowns are scary. They can be creepy. They can be a bit other-worldly. I, myself, don’t know what I feel about clowns. I knew a real clown once. He was odd but not creepy. He was nice but hiding a big secret. Which I never will tell.

But, I have digressed.

I saw a clown today. On television. And, I laughed. I was surprised that I laughed. But I am in the mood to laugh. Well, actually, I’m quite sad. However, I’m in need of laughter. Hence, when I saw the clown, I laughed. I found it to be a silly clown. Then, I realized I normally don’t laugh at clowns. Thus, today was special.

Oh, silly clown. I laughed. Thank you.

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  1. I saw The Three Stooges on TV today, and I actually laughed. In the past, I hadn’t seen them as funny, but today, I did. Maybe I needed a laugh too.


  2. I personally am terrified of clowns, but that’s because I was permanently scarred for life at age 11 when I read Stephen King’s IT. But it’s good that you can laugh at them. I imagine you need something to laugh about these days. Hugs.


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