Now that I’ve been to all 50 states, there are just 5 that I haven’t been to twice

By now, I have told this story more than once. I’ve told it repeatedly all week. Will probably do so for a few more weeks. I was asked recently, which ones were must-see and which were ones I’ll probably not return to (for vacation).

For me, my must-see states are: California, New York, Montana, Hawaii, Louisiana, and New Mexico. If course, I lived in two of those five. Maybe I should strike them from the list. But, not really. They are truly great states.

As for the states I’d like to keep to one-and-done, there aren’t many. Namely, because there are only 5 states to which I’ve only been once: Alaska, Arkansas, Idaho, South Dakota, and Montana. Of those 5, I don’t have a strong (or any desire) to return to Idaho. No offense.

I’ve been pretty lucky to have made the most of my experiences in each of the states. Some are just gorgeous, i.e. Montana and New Mexico. Some are a grand spectacle, such as Alaska and Hawaii. Some have fabulous food, i.e. almost all of the South. Some have great beaches, i.e. Florida.

To travel extensively, you have a hunger to take in as much as possible to also appreciate both the large and small bits of each place.

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