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A winter wonderland, that’s why

Many people have asked me why I decided to go to Alaska in the middle of winter. Well, technically winter is a few weeks away. However, for the most part, we consider December to be wintertime. Anyway, many ask me why didn’t I come in the summer when the weather is warmer. I always answer “why not come in winter?”

Travel shouldn’t be just when it’s most convenient. At least, not in my eyes. Sure, it would be warmer and I prefer warmth to cold. However, the majestic beauty of snow, fire pits, and cold air make coming to Alaska worth it in the winter.

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  1. Oh Dear Lord Miriam What’s So Great

    About Blogging Connections Experiencing

    Vicariously Through Art of Words and Multi-Media

    What We Rarely Get to Experience in Our Own Localities Like




    So Rare in
    Florida Yet True
    YES! So Abundent în

    Beautiful Mountainous

    Ways With So Much Ice in

    Alaska as Anchorage is Sort of

    Toasty i Guess at 19F Currently

    With A High of 25F Coming Tomorrow
    True It Gets SO MUCH COLDER Than

    That in Winter As Yes Beautiful Flowers
    Still Being Pollinated By Bees in Paradise For

    Real HeaR
    Where Fall
    Trees Are


    To Fertilize Winter Soil
    Souls for Spring to Return
    Again Green
    With All

    Colors Yes

    in Someways
    Year-Round as i Guess
    That’s Why Florida Means

    The Flower State So Colorful Indeed



    FRIEND Showed

    me Some Last Year
    Still waiting on Fresh
    New Snow Pics This Year too

    Yet Dear Miriam to The Rescue!
    From Her Travels to Alaska Much

    Thanks For
    Sharing All
    That Ice and
    Snow And Nature’s
    Frozen Beauty Yes in
    Mountainous Ways HeaR For Real

    Indeed Keep Your Mittens And Hoodie Close!…

    As FRoZeN Fingers And Heads Do Type So Very Slow!..:)



    Bonjour ou bonsoir
    Bonne journée ou soirée sous la douceur
    Demain sera la nouvelle année 2023
    Ce jour compte tes bonnes actions
    Chaque matin remplis ton esprit de pensées positives
    C’est un secret pour être heureux
    Le proverbe
    L’avenir appartient à ceux qui se lèvent tôt
    Alors ne soit pas en retard pour les taches qui t’appartiennent
    Je suis juste là pour te dire bonjour ou bonsoir avec mon amitié
    Bonne heureuse Année 2023

    Bise amicale BERNARD


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