Your growth scares stagnant people

Ever since childhood, I have striven fof greater and greater things and opportunities. I knew I had to work hard and did so. I never stopped working hard. And, thus I have continued to grow. I’ve grown in terms of social capitol, resources, confidence and world perspective.

As I’ve continued to grow, there have been times where I’ve been astounded to come across people who don’t care for growth. They are happy staying just where they are in every way conceivable. Stagnation. It’s not a good thing for our national economy. Nor is it good for one’s personal life. It’s like just sitting on the couch and letting life pass on by.

What has shocked me even more, is those people who are stagnant and look upon your growth with anger, resentment, and maybe hatred. It goes beyond jealousy. It’s fear. Perhaps they are scared of being left behind. Perhaps they are afraid of how they will look like in comparison. Perhaps they are fearful of setbacks and failures. But fear should not rule the day. Nor should a comfort with stagnation.

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  1. Alas All Is A Boat Now on An OCeaN FLoWinG NeW
    Waves Sails to Explore Fair Winds and Following Seas
    And Anchors to Hold Us Safe in Harbors oF Old Traditions

    And So Goes A Sea Faring Way Dear Miriam

    Some Folks Stay In Caves Others Venture Out

    Into Broad Day Light Some Seek the Comfort oF Old

    Desert Sands Even if There is

    Not Enough Water to Drink

    True i Feel Most Comfortable Dancing

    In Public in ‘Ross Dress For Less’ most Welcome

    Among Folks With Darker Pigment Skin Approaching

    The Equator in South America for They Are the Nomads Who

    Have Traveled Farthest As Without An Open Soul For Change to Catch

    Fair Winds And Following Seas With Sails Indeed While Tradition With Anchors

    in Safe Harbors

    Are Necessary

    Yes to Rescue

    Sails From Roughest
    Seas And Hardest Storms

    Still Where and When Will Real Gardens
    of Eden Be Found if We Stay Locked in the Safe
    Harbors of Hand Paintings Still in Caves And Deserts

    Without even
    Any Water

    to Grow

    The Planting

    Or Our Soul Trees Taller

    SMiLes From As Long as i Will Remember Now

    i Only Wanted to Unlock All my Human Potentials

    i Saw Highest Potentials Unlocked in Art Sadly So Many

    Decades Lost From Human Creativity And iMaGiNaTioN Set Free

    For me at Least it was a Stifling Toxic Patriarchy Stoic and Cold With

    No Room

    For Flowers

    to Bloom with all the
    Colors of Church and Military

    Just Grey Drab Battle Ship 50 SHades That Way

    How Sad It is For Men Who Believe That the Source of
    Will and Strength is in Anger and Hate Against those Who are

    Different ‘Weather’ That Comes From Church, State, Politics

    Or Home Life indeed Same With Women And Even Little Girls Excepted

    To Stay Bare Foot, Pregnant, Sublimated to Men, Men, Men, From Father’s



    Church or
    Home Again

    Guess What Pandora’s Box
    Is OPen THere is No Going Back

    THere Are Those of Us Who Will Stick
    to Old Cave Art Painting Ways of Hands Alone

    And Others Of Us Who Will Sprout Wings and Continue to Fly

    And This is the Condition of the Condition of the Human Boat

    At Best Whatever We Do Closer to Our HeARTS for When Empathy

    And Compassion Dies, Anger And Hate Will Thrive to Make Larger
    Souls Smaller…

    An Open Mind
    HeART SPiRiT
    SoUL iS A Way
    to Balancing Grace
    And Love A Real Foundation

    FoR GReaTesT WiLL And Strength
    For Lasting Positive Change

    So Far Out of




    With No WHere to GRow
    Naked Enough Whole Complete..:)


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