It reminded her of a time past

She looked at the photograph wincing and pining. She took another look and hurriedly put it away. She couldn’t bear to look at it. It reminded her of a time past. A time she could not recapture. A time that was not hers. Although, she really wanted it to be hers.

She stared at the box that held the photo. She couldn’t believe how much pain she felt. She had to dull that ache. Tonight she would forget. Tomorrow maybe not so much.

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  1. SMiLes i Wouldn’t Go Back to
    Any Time Yet NoW As Now Is
    All That Exists to Make the Best
    Of Even
    If only
    A Memory
    Never Had
    Oh iMaGINaTioN
    And Creativity You
    Lend No Limits to
    “What Colors Of Wind
    To Paint Even Newer
    For Wings to Dance
    And Sing
    A New
    Way of
    Dream FRuiTioN Now..:)

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