What’s on your 2022 bingo card?

In the year 2020, I’d wager that not many people had a worldwide pandemic on their bingo card. These days we all are thinking of what we have on our cards. Look at the following example of a 2022 modern workplace bingo card.

Overall, for 2022 what are you placing on your card. A war, a huge displacement, rising gas prices, kanye west going off the deep end. That last one I definitely had on my bingo card. But what do you predict will happen next? I’m some flooding will occur. A mini-covid surge will likely happen. Staycations will happen in droves. Some weird new television show will be the new hot thing. But what are the next big things? Time will tell.

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  1. SMiLes
    Not Interested
    in Bingo, Gambling,
    Drinking, Or Smoking
    or Taking Any ‘Substance’…

    Yet i Do Love A Good Rock and
    Roll Song and Some Other ‘Stuff’…

    Yet Things
    Aren’t Really
    my Things Hehe…

    i Always Find it amusing
    When Someone Tries to Sell
    me something When i’m not in this World to Buy

    Or someone Tries to Convince me to Sell Something
    When i’m not in this World To Sell True We Do LiVE iN

    A Buying Selling
    World As Yes
    is Most
    the Overall
    National Religion

    That i Once Really Had
    no Choice Yet to Participate
    in as Just Another Square on
    A Bingo Card That Someone Else called…

    Giving up All Goals Naked Enough Whole
    Complete For the Present Moment i’ve Learned

    The Most From the Down’s Child Who is Now An Adult
    in Church Who Turns Around And Shakes Everyone’s hand

    As the
    Being of Love

    i Do my Best to
    Be that Child BiNGo!..:)


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