I got 100% on the news quiz

I love taking silly quizzes. What kind if cheese am I based on my selection of tapestry. This is important stuff to know and fill one’s time with. I have so many back-to-back meetings there are times I have to be reminded to go use the restroom. Too much information? Eh. We’ve all said something similar at some point. Even so, I manage to sneak in a silly quiz on Buzzfeed to just jolt myself out of meeting numbness.

This past week I decided to take a news quiz. I didn’t expect to do well since I was tied up in meetings everyday, all day. I watched about 10 to 15 minutes of news each morning before going into work. I haven’t dug deep on the news. I know New York has seen an uptick in crime, including feces throwing. I know the Ukraine situation is dire and a journalist was killed. I know former President Obama got covid. Oh, I also know that Kanye West is a creep. I’m wondering when the worldwide intervention will occur.

Anyway, I took a serious news quiz and not only did I pass, but I scored 100%. Not a single item wrong. I wondered how it was that I knew all these things that are occuring when the world when I’ve been trying to tune them out. It just may be that the world is so awful now that my curmudgeon, cynical self just would know what to expect of the world.

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  1. i Look Above Outside This 24 Inch
    Window Smaller than this 27.1
    i Mac Screen Hehe

    Yet The Window
    Brings Azure
    Early Spring
    Blue Skies
    Every Wild
    Flower Promise
    of New Colors of Life

    A White Climbing Rose
    Brings The Purity of Human
    Stained Nature Returning my FRiEnD

    i Wish i Could Give You This

    Window yet All i Have

    is Droppings From

    This 27.1 Inch


    No Need to Feed
    the Pigeons Hehe

    As Butterflies Fly Free…

    Overall in my One Life i’ve Probably
    Been Close to the Most Negative and
    Positive Person Alive Now It’s True Butterfly

    Wings So Much More Pleasant
    Than Cocoons of All Day
    Meetings at Work

    And School


    ALL OVeR
    my Caterpillar Feet Hehe…
    A Room With A View STill to Both Places Indeed
    “The Dark Side of the Moon” By Pink Floyd in 1973
    The Age of 13, The Day All the Original Creativity Faded



    faded away

    After 40 Years
    of that Empty
    Desert Within i Returned at 53

    And After 8 Years and Almost 8 Months
    i Still BREaTHE NoW Butterfly Wings
    of Original Creativity Free Fluttering

    On 3.16.2022 Just 3 Days Away
    From That Anniversary Month Date
    Then of 7.19.2013 Wings Springing Free

    Out of Cocoon Then STiLL

    ALiVE NoW

    ALL About

    Being Free

    iN Play

    With No

    Yet Joy

    For the Present Now New
    Of Original Creativity Breathing For Real…

    And Yes, Hehe, i Aced The World News Test too
    Probably in too Many Ways to Count too, Haha…
    Really i Have No ‘Choice’ if i’m Really Gonna Do
    A Longest Form Global EPiC Poem or Modern Bible WTF iT iS Hehe..;)


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