I don’t need to let you know why I unsuscribed

In this world of text and instant messages, email use (according to my son) has decreased. Of course, you wouldn’t know that from my work email inbox. I receive way too many emails on any given day. A great percentage of those emails are, to use a technical term, annoying. Vendors I’ve never heard from are constantly addressing me in a familiar manner, trying to sell me their latest product or service. Then there are the emails that come to me that should really go to a different team member. Then there are the emails on which I am copied on for no explicit reason. I could go on. But you get the point.

Lately, I’ve taken a more proactive step to try to unsuscribe from email lists. It is amazing how one can end up on email lists for things that are so random and of no interest to you. In doing my attempt to unsuscribe, I have come across a really annoying step in the process. Often, as I note I want to be taken off their lists, they make me (or try to) tell them why I don’t want their emails.

No. Sorry. Not sorry. I don’t have to tell you why I don’t want your emails.  I just want to be left alone. Isn’t that enough? It’s not like we have a deep relationship where I owe you an explanation. You just sent one too many emails and I’m tired of it. Next.

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  1. Hehe, there’s Always Been A Strangely
    Satisfying Feeling of Being Somewhat
    Outcast For THere is a Whole World of

    Nature Just
    Waiting for


    Free Like the First
    Toad in the Spring Season

    Wandering Up to the Road
    After a Long Torpor State of Hibernation

    Gently Nudging Him Off the Road so another
    80,000 Dollar or So Four Wheel-Drive That Never
    Leaves the Road Sponsored by A Two or Three Check
    Receiving Baby Boomer Like me Flattens Nature to Asphalt

    of Driving
    What Was once
    House Values Now
    Trucks to Retirement
    Dreams of Finally Proving

    Manhood is Real And Free

    Yet You See They Still Don’t Understand
    How the Meek Inherit the Earth They Simply
    Become Naked Enough Whole Complete

    And Help the
    Little One’s
    off the Road
    Not to Become
    Part of the God’s of War….

    It’s True i Unsubscribed
    To Clothed Manhood All
    The Tools of God’s of War Long Ago…

    i Suppose i Could Have Used the Other
    Meme for Toxic Putin And Trump Masculinity
    Named “Dog’s of War” Yet You See That’s Part
    of the Issue As Dogs, Wolves, And Pigs Are Seen
    As Disgrace

    In Biblical Ways

    Yet They Are Truly
    More Loving Wild



    God’s of War…
    Including All Merciful
    Loving God’s Gaslighting
    Reality That Way Until the
    Enemies They Love As Friends Are Tortured
    Forever As Any Psychopath As Demagogue

    Comes to
    Gaslight Play…

    Just in
    Who Sponsors
    The Original Meme
    Still Worshiped Now
    In Plain Sight By Close
    to Half the World Today…

    Which Simply Means it’s Part
    of Human Nature That Must
    Be Identified And Conquered
    As Shadow God Among All Humans Still…

    You Know it’s a Pretty Scary World i Went Out
    And Danced A Fool in Front of the People in this
    Area of God’s of War Just to Make sure no one ever
    Took me Serious Enough to Do Away With my Free And

    i’ll Be God Damned
    If they Still Didn’t
    Call me Famous
    And Legend
    Just for
    A Frigging
    Dance For No Green God Dollar Bill
    to Insure that never Happened at All…

    All that Was Left to Do is Dance With
    The Stars Naked And So Far it’s Working Well…

    i Am no Fool It’s True Only The Meek Really Inherit Love And Free..;)


  2. Since last month I have also worked on unsubscribing from annoying vendors – many are persistent and I need to unsubscribe again and again! Or they take you to another page, hoping to trick you into subscribing for more! AHHH! thanks for sharing


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