I’m gonna try to accept all the things I cannot change

I am what sine might call a Type A personality. I’m also a Taurus. I’m also a trained researcher who became a healthcare CEO. Put that all together and I make for a strong-willed, perhaps stubborn individual. I didn’t make it out of the South Bronx by readily accepting “no” for an answer. If there are barriers I either find a way around or I bulldoze through.

However, there are repercussions to such a constant push in life. It wears and tears you both mentally and physically. You just can’t always be battle ready. No matter how much I desire to push through and get things done. That is my motto this year. I need to get stuff done (GSD).

Although, I am very much oriented towards GSD, I have come to understand that some things I got to let go. I need to learn to accept the things I cannot change. I won’t lie. That will be a heavy lift for me. Yet, I have come to understand this past year, there are truly things one cannot change. Mitigation is one thing. Change is another. I am slowly learning that some things that occur are external to me. Some crazy, ugly things that occur are not about me or within me. I shouldn’t drive myself to an unhealthy point to change those things.

I’m learning to shrug my shoulders. I’m learning to scratch some things off my to-do list. I’m learning to say some things are other people’s doing.

Learning. I haven’t perfected it yet. I may never. But I’m going to try.

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