current events

Come back little bird, come back

Heard the chirping through the raindrops.

Birdies flitting about as the storm gears up.

The powering birdies won’t stop.

They will ride it out in a pink teacup.

The bare trees swing

No twig to told onto

A harbinger of what the day will


Maybe it’ll be a cheese fondue

Probably a freezing flash storm to keep us unbalanced.

Come back little bird, come back.

For you are resilient and counterbalanced

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  1. i Had to Ask my
    Wife What A Cheese
    Fondue Is So Ignorant

    of the Ways

    Of the Golden
    Corral Buffet Hehe

    Isn’t Nature Grand
    All The Answers At

    Nature’s Hand When
    We Hand Those Lessons

    Birds With Wings



    Why So
    Much CuLTuRaL
    Human Overhead

    Just Something i Pondered
    At An Office Depot Store Among
    my Most Stressful Painful Numb
    Days At Work LooKinG Overhead

    Birds With Wings So Far Above Human

    CULTuRaL Overhead Brings

    One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s
    Nest A Classic Belonging With
    All the Modern Day Movie Prophecies
    Along With Matrix Avatar Terminator Days

    True too
    With the

    Spice of
    Dune And
    Minions With
    Most Despicable
    Leader Dune Messiah’s too…
    Yes Little Bird Come BacK SHow Us YouR Wings..:)

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