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Fittingly, it’s groundhog day as today marks 11 years my departed this earth

Eleven years ago today my mom departed this earth. Eleven years. The grief is not any less. The sting is not any less sharp. Fittingly it’s ground hog day. My mom liked the day. She would try to predict what Punxsutawney Phil would predict. We also loved the Bill Murray film. Although, I do have to question why film after film groundhog day becomes the day to reset our wrongs? I can’t imagine reliving a day over and over until I learned my lesson. But I suppose its about second chances and taking a new lens onto life.

Sadly, grief is always on repeat and you actually never know when it might creep up on you. That was one of the strangest things I had to get used in terms of losing my mother. The other is continually remembering or rather realizing how young she was. It’s a continous loop of emotions and realizations.

As for groundhog day itself. Phil is barely 50/50 in his predictions. Will get an early spring? Please let it be so. Let the season of rejuvenation be upon us so we can continue to heal.

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  1. I can totally empathise how you feel. I too lost my parents many years ago. The void cannot go.
    I guess, about the groundhog day, a second start is not a bad idea after all.
    One can offload much.
    Our very best to you

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  2. Soft hugs for you. My mother passed January 31st, 25 years ago and my father only two years ago. Although I’m now 63, I still long for them. I dream of them often which I feel are visitations and sometimes I even hear their voices. I certainly understand and share your pain and grief. ❤️

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