That sense of dread

The other night I was watching the television show called Pennyworth. It’s a prequel, of sorts, for Batman. There was a scene where both Pennyworth and his mother are sitting on the couch when they both, independently of each other, notes they have a sense of dread. I felt like I was experiencing dejavu or watching a scene from my life.

I had just recently experienced a sense of dread I couldn’t shake off. I woke up feeling anxiety. And, then as I sat on the couch watching a news show, the feeling intensified. Of course with all the crime and mayhem as of late, it would be understandable to experience dread. I truly can’t watch television news shows anymore for more than eight minutes or do. First off, it’s the same thing on repeat. Second, its not even news half the time. Third, there’s too much chaos. But I digress.

As I sat on the couch feeling anxious, I was able to pinpoint that what I really felt was dread. I knew the day would be crap and just did not want to put into action that began a bad cycle. I needn’t have worried. The bad things were already occurring without my input or activity. By 7am I knew the day would be dreadful. By 6:23pm, it was that and much more.

Our bodies and psyches know. Can anticipate what is to come. But sadly, at times, not much can be done to prevent that eerie feeling from being tied to something concrete that happens. I’m not too sure what can do about it other than being able to keep one’s mind open as well as being able to self reflect and try to mitigate risks. And that’s the kicker. Mitigating risks.

You must try, unless completely defeated, to mitigate power.

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  1. I feel the same as you when it comes to watching the news. I just can’t anymore. I think the French have a term for it, that sense of dread you feel deep in your spirit. It’s kind of like the term déjà vu…… I’ll have to see if I can find it. I agree that you have to mitigate your power in life and I hope you are feeling better.


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