My top experiences of the year

This is it. The last day of the year. I saw a headline that noted we are entering the third year of living with the coronavirus pandemic. The headline struck me. Three years. I don’t know where these two years went. So much haze.

With said haze in mind, I sat down intending to write about my top experiences of the year. Then as I started to scour my brain to remember what had happened this year and what would I rate as a top experience not much came to mind. It isn’t that it was an absolutely horrible year, it just was a year in which hope rode a rollercoaster. It was a year of hard work. It was a year of vast change and yet not enough change. It was a year of great ambivalence.

I’d say my best day was the day my son and I went shopping for hours on end and he didn’t complain. He even seemed to enjoy it. I was thrilled. We shopped. We ate pizza. We watched a movie together. We laughed. I vented about work. He vented about school. It was a perfect day.

As for other days, there were good and there were bad ones. I am grateful for it all. I am grateful for the honors and recognition I received this year. A group at a bar even thought I was a daytime emmy winner when I came in with my healthcare hero award. That was funny. I am grateful for some really great meals I had before delta and omicron hit and made some places close. I am grateful that I had no adverse reaction whatsoever to the booster. I am grateful that we found a school my son likes. I am grateful for new friendships and deepening relationships. I am grateful that I got through the bad days with my sense of humor intact.

2022 let’s see what you got!

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  1. Yes, Yes, yes! Oh my God Yes! it Does Seem
    Like 2020 And 2021 Are One Year Perhaps

    2022 Will Finally At Least End Tidal Waves

    Of Covid-19 Infections For the New Year

    As That is the ‘Promise’ For
    the Upcoming New Year

    i Heard For A Minute

    or Two on the Big
    Screen in the
    Great Room

    The Only Place
    i See it For A Few
    Minutes While i Eat…

    No, It Doesn’t Give me
    Indigestion Matter of Fact Nothing

    Does HeLL ON EartH Before for
    66 Months Shut-In With that Worst
    Pain Known to Humankind From Wake
    to Sleep Has Practically Inoculated me

    For Any Fresh Hell to Come in Fact For me
    At Least i’ve Adapted to What i Could No Longer

    Do And Have Become Involved in New Creation Activities

    With So Many Poets Globally That i Would Likely Not Have

    Connected With if Not

    For Everyone Else

    Seeking More


    Too Shut-In And
    Away From “Normal”
    Activities Suspended Still

    For So Long Now And It’s True
    For Decades Working The only
    Real Positive Experience i Could Look
    Back on Is Honestly Just Cutting the Grass

    As That Was the Only Escape for A Couple of
    Hours From the Stress of ALL THE ABSTRACT CONSTRUCTS


    i Was So totally
    Separated From
    Except for that Couple
    of Hours Cutting Grass
    Every Three Weeks or So then…

    It’s True For me at Least i Couldn’t

    Ask for A Greater Gift Than Writing
    This Creativity in Autotelic Flow of Bliss

    At this Very Moment Now For True When
    We Generate Our Own Happiness This Way

    Everything Else in Life that Might Happen Nice
    Is Only Icing Already on Our Naked Cake Enough

    Whole Complete

    That Really Needs

    No Additives At All

    For Complete Now

    True though


    Will Be Nice
    Now and then
    And True This
    Year i’ve had More
    Than Ever Before too With SMiLes…

    i Am So Happy You Received the ‘Healthcare Hero Award’
    This Year, Surely All Health Care Workers Deserve An Award Like This!

    With the Pandemic Environment The Last Two Years Truly All of You Deserve A
    Break and to Be Appreciated and Respected By Everyone More in Cooperation in 2022!..:)


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