Big, small stories of 2021

Look there are certain keywords, names or phrases that dominated the news cycle of 2021: Delta, Omicron, Vaccine, Bezos, Elon, Branson, Capitol riots, Afghanistan, supply chain, and resignation economy. But there were some smaller stories that are in some ways big stories to note.

1. Habitat for Humanity built its first 3D printed house. Has large implications for future of affordable housing.

2. The Pentagon released a UFO report and it wasn’t exactly all it was hyped up to be.

3. Plumber finds 500 money-filled envelopes in walls of Joel Osteen’s Lakewood mega Church in Houston. Back in 2014, $600,000 had been stolen without a trace. Turns out the wall ate it.

4. In 2021, blockchain emerged as the next big thing not just for entrepreneurs but crawled its way into overall society. A sports player asked to be paid in cryptocurrency. The Staples Center in Los Angeles is now called Arena. 

5. The release of the Facebook files. It did capture media attention. But more people should be shook by this. Yet Facebook continues on its merry way.

6. There’s a new national plan on Alzheimer’s and dementia. This is welcomed news. So many families have been impacted by this and it has seemed that we have lost the media focus.

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  1. exactly. Some news dominate the ears of the public and some news that are “big news” doesnt even make it to any headlines or the topic of discussion. Its interesting, right? Maybe they are trying to gear it towards the audience?

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