Disappointment and how it numbs your mind

I used to be punctual. Always on time. I still pretty much am. However, I’ve slipped behind here and there. What’s worse is that I have come to accept that as tolerable irtitating trait in others. I used to have a schedule. I had my words laid out. I used to have my words thought through. Now I scramble for words to share.

Disappointment. I hate feeling it. Or rather I hate experiencing it. Disappointment is so much worse than anger. Disappointment dulls the sense of promise. It allows faults to be enhanced and for a second you want to feel optimistic. However, optimism is given a swift kick out the door. After a while, disappointment just leaves you feeling numb.

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  1. Perhaps

    The Wind

    Wants to

    Get Attached

    to Your Wings Dear

    And Even

    Fly You Like

    me on Terrestrial
    Land For No Reason

    At All Yet Inhaling Peace
    Exhaling Love For All Within

    With Least



    With No Restraints

    Fearless Yet of Course

    Is Just

    -me… NoW

    Have A Nice Day
    Even Spread Your
    Wings And Catch The
    Breeze Only Feeling Sensing Forever Now

    Marrying the Night Merrying The Day Twilight





    A Frigging

    Zone Only

    iN A TV SHow

    WHere Humans

    Are Restricting Themselves to
    Zoos Homes Without Windows

    That BREaTHE Fresh US Freer Now..

    Yes Quite Honestly It’s Impossible to Be
    Late TO A Dream That’s Real Now Anyway

    Audaciously Wild Free Now Something Not to

    Really Think



    Doing Feeling
    Sensing Now For Real All Our

    Wings Catching Breeze So Free…

    Yet Perhaps



    Come What May…

    It Is What It Never
    Was Now It Is Now..:)

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  2. To trust on others it’s a sure way that lead to disappointment, so why leave such an important thing to others?
    Just don’t!😉


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