The greatest love of all

My son started school last week. And, while everyone was posting photographs onto Facebook of their kids with a sign noting the school grade they were entering, I chose to not do so. I’ve done it before. Honestly, I thought about it for a second and then moved on. I’m trying to post less and less photos of him without his permission. He just started 8th grade and just turned 13. He should have some agency over his social media presence.

However, that doesn’t mean I completely avoid posting ridiculous things for which he will roll his eyes.

As I was cleaning up my drawers, I came across a very old t-shirt of his that he had designed many, many years ago in school.

That was the best photo to post. The better photo to post. He mispelled mommy and his name. And, I was flushed with love. His innocence. His unconditional love. It’s still there when he’s not busy with his x-box games.

I think going forward I just need to post that photo every first day of school. His love. Where’s he come and where he is headed. from

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