Tip for the day: Control your reaction to those sent to disturb your peace

These days, the word peace means a lot to me. The concept of peace of mind can’t be undervalued. Sometimes we can get overwhelmed with being tired of toxicity. Sometimes we want a drip to flush out a the toxins in our system.

One way to get rid of toxins is to not react to those individuals who spew toxicity and purposely seek to disturb your peace. Walk away. Wear a “shield” of sorts. Box them out from your space.

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  1. It’s True Not All of
    Us Will Deal With
    Toxic Reactions

    Well Particularly
    If We Don’t Have
    The Time or Energy
    Left to Deal With IT

    i Look For Butterflies
    i’m Also A Nerd i Find
    Wings Yet i Live in The


    All The Difference

    Yesterday Dancing in
    Stores i Read the Most
    Toxic Piece About


    i’ve Ever Come Across
    Proudly Expressing
    Hatred of Gay Folks

    It Came
    A FRiEnD
    i Have Gay
    Relatives Who
    Wear Angel Wings

    my First Reaction
    Stay in Hell This
    Is Where We Part


    i Need Not
    Says A Thing

    Yet i LiVE iN
    A Forest So
    My Soul Spent
    The Rest of The

    Day Composing
    A Song In Poetry
    Long Changing
    Her Life Forever

    As i’ve Done it
    Before Where
    Others See Poison

    i Find the
    Cure i Started
    The Days Both
    Psychiatrists And
    Doctors Told me
    There was No Hope

    In Prognosis

    For my Living
    HeLL ON EartH
    The View is


    Now From

    The Forrest

    -F Gump

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