You can’t put the hate-filled toothpaste back into the tube

One of the most innocuous, yet grossest things is the dried toothpaste hanging onto the tube. It sits out there reminding you of your laziness and how much you hate going to the dentist. It sits there reminding you of how you need to clean. It shows you an messy side of you.

When you see that extra, old, hard toothpaste in the bathroom of others you cringe just a bit. You don’t really want to see that.

Here’s the thing. Once that toothpaste has hard-crusted, you can’t put it back into the tube. Here’s the other thing. Some people are just like that hard-crusted paste. They are icky, yucky, and gross. They can even be crusty and venomous. Once you put yourself out there in such way, there’s no putting it back in the tube. Once you are out there with hate, venom, and crust it sticks. And, people see it and are grossed out.

Here’s the lesson for the day don’t be that hard-crusted toothpaste. It can’t be smoothed over.

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  1. Oh Gosh… There Used
    To Be 3 Places That

    Terrified me Then
    Most; The Doctor,
    Dentist, And Oh

    God No

    Not The

    Psychiatrist Then
    Finally Accepting

    Life is Messy

    Now Nothing


    me Any
    More Except
    Heights Any

    i Might

    Return Hehe
    Oh The 1st World
    Problems Do Last Now🌈


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