Compliments and opinions: both give others power over you

This may sound odd. Everyone likes a compliment. Well, some curmudgeons may not. Compliments are a supposed desirable transaction. After all, one doesn’t get the latest handbag and put on eye shadow to not be complimented.

Here’s another side to compliments. They also allow others to possibly to have power over you.

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  1. It’s True The Giver Always Has the

    Most Power of Joy When The

    Receiving is the


    of the Giving…

    Meh, What Being on the
    Bottom of The Totem Pole

    Meek Inheriting the Earth Serving

    Out Rental Shoes At A Bowling Center

    For Close to 2 Decades Yes At the Bottom

    of the Ladder Teaches Best After

    Being Near the Top of the

    Class At School

    Through 3 Degrees
    The Rest of my Life Before

    The View From the Bottom is Always Up…

    Some Days Folks Understand How Beautiful
    This View Truly Is Free Most Days They Don’t

    Yet What Do Ya Expect in a Land of Owning Happiness…
    i’ll Always Remember The Lesson Coming Back to Haunt
    me Suddenly Getting Vaulted in 3 Promotions to the Top of
    The Class of the Military Installation Face to Face with A
    First Woman Captain of the Station Seeking Admiral

    No Matter Who

    Falls In Her Wake…

    While everyone was melting

    A Man Called Walker Intellectually

    Challenged as Janitor Was the only

    One Retaining A Smile in an Entire
    Administration Building Run by A
    Similar Trump Tyrant And then

    i Realized How i was Correct

    Before the

    Meek Do

    Inherit the EartH

    of Joy the Other World

    Is Basically Self-Inflicted Hell…

    The XO Said, i just Don’t Understand

    Why That Guy Is Always Jovial With

    A Smile Well Wishing All He Meets

    i Just Don’t Understand Why that

    Guy is Always Jovial With A

    Smile Well Wishing All He

    Meets i’m Quite Sure

    That XO Still


    Meet Everyone

    On the Street

    With A Jovial Smile

    Perhaps He’ll never

    Get to Heaven ‘Walker’ Never Left
    Still Working There Now With A Smile After 30 Years…

    Here’s a Little Secret Happiness Has Nothing to Do With Standard IQ…

    i Visit A Place Everyday Where Informal Polls Assess IQ’s of 140 to 160…

    i’ve Never Seen a More Frowny Dull Place So i Visit Every Day As ‘Walker’…

    Same Reason i Go To Church Every Sunday As ‘Walker’ too Many Places indeed..



    My Own ‘Walker Style’..

    Generally Speaking Folks
    Ignored ‘Walker’ Like He Wasn’t
    Even in the Building We Always Shared a ‘Secret Smile’….

    Such An Angel

    That Old


    American Man

    Several Years Younger than me…

    It’s Funny What We See As Disability in Life

    Versus ‘Normal’ Aha Funny As in HAha Not Really Humorous…

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