Listening can be your own superpower

It may be I’m being cynical when I say the following. However, here we go. Everyone wants to be a hero. Or perhaps be called a hero. I have waxed philosophical on this point quite often. No need to regurgitate it here. I should note that there are some people who don’t care to be heroes. I’m not diving into that today. A lot of potential pitfalls there.

Let’s not digress. Many people want to be thought of as a hero. In that vein, I offer the following tidbit for a having a heroc arc. Let listening be your superpower.

Really listen. Not just hear and nod. Not just hear and furrow one’s brow. Not just hear and prepare what one is going to say in response. Really listen. Open up your ears and mind to hear the words, intentionality, and need.

When you listen carefully you provide comfort and that can be empowering for all individuals in the interaction.

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  1. Past Time…
    Considering that
    Science Shows
    The Average Attention
    Span of Being Human ‘These

    Days’ Is Less than The Attention

    of A Gold Fish; Yes, Literally

    Less Than 3 Seconds


    to Oneself

    is Becoming

    More of Reality Each
    Day Not Much Different
    Than Drive By ‘Like’ Shooting
    on Word Press Spreading Bullets

    Never Reading Even A Word That’s Said…

    Reality of an

    Age We Are


    And It’s Only

    Possible to
    Soak Up So Many ‘Bullets’…
    Haha, i Can’t Imagine Being Online
    Writing if i Was Still Working As My Attention
    Span Was So Dead then Now It’s practically Limitless Free…

    Yet On the Other Hand, When i Didn’t Work With A Screen
    And it Was People Centered At Ease i listened to Others

    Speak On and On With No Problem With Attention at all

    There Are Two Ways

    Of Terminator


    One is Machine
    Life the Other Human Indeed…

    Working At A Bowling Center
    Was Really Human Even With
    Automatic Computer Scoring Systems…

    There Were Humans There it Was Amazing

    Now it’s Mostly Bowling Alone, Prophecy of Automatic Scoring…

    i Feel Very Fortunate i Am More Interested in Nature/Human Beings Than Tools Now..:)


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