current events

Crying in the spring

Watery eyes, turning red

Pollen blowing onto your head

Tears flow under into the mask

Allergies create a facade when asked

Easier to let the tears fall

It’s springtime

Renaissance, rejuvenation, rebirth

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  1. Lost A Close FRiEnD
    Yesterday Truly A Bit
    Of Irony How Comforting
    Tears Will Be Under Shades

    And A Mask

    While Public

    Dancing When

    No One Else Sees Who i am…
    Allergies Don’t Really Bother
    Me Since i Went to Hell on
    Earth The ‘Flames’ Made
    Me Immune… Yet i Feel

    Soul Which Means

    i’m Human


    With Tears

    i Am Not Afraid of

    Tears With or Without

    Shades and A Mask Moreover
    i’m Not Afraid of Being Human

    Naked And All Natural Most Folks





    It is and just
    As Sad As Losing

    A Closest FRiEnD Within….

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