Long story short

I’m tired. There. Done. Need I say more? Probably. However, when we say “so, long story short” we usually say so after twenty minutes of talking. Right? Why can’t we say it and mean it? Maybe instead one should say “in summary”.

I’m tired of a lot things that are needlessly made harder. Or better said, I’m tired of people who needlessly make things harder. There enough said. Long story short.

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  1. Hehe Rather Deal with
    A Human More than
    A Machine Any Day
    Just Got off
    The Phone
    With ‘The Insurance Company’
    And the Voices that Aren’t Human
    And Endless Options to Get to one at all
    If i am Lucky Enough to Be Able to
    A Word
    They Say
    Yes i Still
    Humans Yet
    i have all the
    time in the World to Listen…
    And Yes Even Come to Understand them..
    In Other Words No One Owns me yet me
    And Of Course the Big Boss the Wife She Rules
    Of Course i Understand the World Is Deadlines so
    i Spiral No Different Than Planets And Remain A
    Star Orbiting Black Holes As Necessary for Balance


  2. Usually, we enjoy people’s brevity, but we are longwinded, I guess the real problem we are all focused on ourselves, and our problems, and that absorbs our energy, and time, at the expense of others we unwind.
    Here it’s what happen to me recently, on my way out near my house a man slightly younger than me, will come out of his way t talk to me and find out about me, I will answer him in monosyllables, just to be polite, but I kept walking away, but the man will keep following me, and peppered me with small talk, and questions.
    One day, I just changed my tactics, and stop, and before he could start going too far with his talk, and questions, I start asking him all sort of questions, in tandem, one, after another one.
    He was kind of slow to answer me, sort like surprised at my change.
    As for today, every time I run into him, he just wave his hand at me, and do not follow me, or try to talk to me anymore.
    And the funny thing, I would not mind, to exchange some small chat with him now!😊


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