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Happy valentine’s day my dear son

It’s Valentines day. A day many go out to showcase some romance or a day many avoid due to not wanting to do a “hallmark” celebration. There’s a happy medium here somewhere, right? I myself don’t like cheesy gestures and goofy hallmark celebrations. However, showcasing love is never a bad thing, right? As long as it’s really felt.

Well, my son is the most awesome human in the world to me. He is my everything. My love.

On this day, as with every other day, I wish him to feel and know love. For him to know he is loved. His initials are loved (lvd). I remind hom of that all the time. Yes, he will want to spend the day playing video games. But he will know my love for him is true and I love him till infinity. I love him, 3000.

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