Sadly my comments have been lacking

When I first started blpgging I was on top of all the comments that were submitted. I would answer reach and every single one. I also would visit other blogs and leave comments. I wanted to show engagement. I wanted to acknowledge engagement.

Then one day, I had no more energy. I still answer as many comments as possible. I just can’t do it at the rate I used to be able to do. My mind is full. My fingers weighted with many other tasks. My wit had to be sharpened for other real-world endeavors.

I’m still full of words. Still have many opinions. I just have to be a bit targeted these days.

Categories: Psychology

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  1. I am always surprised at the posts that generate comments. Sometimes, they are the ones that I put the least effort into. In the meantime, my better posts often languish. You can not predict or enforce engagement. I read one blogger, who stated, “Don’t even bother liking my posts, if you are not going to comment and respond to comments. Based on the number of likes and comments he had, I could see this type of engagement was not working for him. I think we are all getting worn down right now by world events. Maybe, with the return of spring, things will be easier. Stay well. Allan


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