Vomit or hold in your thoughts?

There is a lot going on in the world right now. And, that is a rather trite understatement. There’s too much going on in the world and in our heads. It’s one battle after another. One movement forward, on movement backwards. It’s all topsy turvy.

Some people take it all in and ignore it all. Some take it in and get riled up, while others get depressed. Everyone has an opinion and possibly something to say. However, you have some who just vomit out all their thoughts and anxities while others just hold it all in. Neither is necessarily healthy. But they are viable coping mechanisms for people.

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  1. I hold in my thoughts, my husband obsessively watches the news, and vomits, and smirks and makes all other kinds of noises. UGH!. Can we just get through this year of misery and start afresh? I hope so.


  2. I wish December 31st signified some sort of end and refreshing in this whole pandemic business, but I’m afraid it’s just another point along the way…

    It may be a flip of the calendar page, but changes really- nothing.


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