Don’t think, do

I’m a planner. I am also a very spur of the moment person. During these covid-19 times it is a bit hard to engage in spontaneous moments. Things are closed. There are so many barriers. However, yesterday I kept repeating to myself “don’t think, do”. It kept me going from one moment to another.

I think each day one should start off the day with a mantra / saying to get one through the day and to frame events and thoughts. Yesterday, my decisions came in faster. “Don’t think, do”.

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  1. For me thinking is highly over rated as a survival mechanism. I cannot foretell the future. That doesn’t mean to forgo thought, for me it means to use it knowing it’s limited, and thoughts are not reality, they only point towards reality. Great post.


  2. Another Taurus trait – overthinking? Like finally very nearly deciding that my marriage is beyond the point of continuing to try to save it. Took forever for me to finally get there, but now that I am there I am trying to quickly do the divorce, to get it all over and done with and move on.


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