Swiss cheese and molasses

Sometimes a phrase stays stuck in one’s head. A phrase runneth over. A phrase on repeat. Today, it was a random phrase of swiss cheese and molasses. I kept repeating that phrase to myself.

Swiss cheese and molasses. It captures my life perfectly right now. There are so many ways for things to slip through and on by. No solid piece. That’s the Swiss cheese part.

Now, as for the molasses. Well, there is so much that just seems to be thick, heavy, and slow. Can’t speed some things up. And, thus can feel stuck. Can feel like movement will never come.

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  1. I grew up with the saying, “Slower than molasses in January.” Usually uttered by someone who was impatient.

    Also, “Shot full of more holes than a slice of Swiss cheese.” Synonymous with one’s idea getting shot down in flames.


  2. Reminded of Move That Cheese
    Treat And Molasses to Change
    It’s Hard to Believe i Lived in that
    of Change
    Then.. So
    All the
    Cheese was
    gonna get moved
    as i liked Molasses Smooth …
    Ugh Just Comfortably Numb then…
    Now Always Energizer Bunny High..:)


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