Looking into the eyes of others

Eyes. They serve as windows onto your soul. Supposedly. Eyes. A stare. They supposedly connect you with others. You can perhaps tell if someone is lying by looking at their eyes. You can connect deeply with someone through each other’s eyes. Supposedly. There are some cultures where direct eye connection is considered rude. However, for the most part we value direct eye contact. It shows connection, attention, and intention (at times).

Despite our love of looking directly into someone’s eyes, I don’t think we have had such eye connection as we do now during this pandemic. With many people masked up, we are left with the eyes to truly grasp where someone is at. They could be grimacing underneath the mask. But the eyes are there for all to see. Unless, of course, if you are wearing protective goggles or sunglasses (as I often do). We are now extremely riddled with anxiety as a society trying to understand what the eyes are saying.

I was, on a silly note, confronted by a vety daring squirrel. They have just been emboldened by the pandemic, it seems. They are aggressively confronting us humans. This one squirrel came right up to me and stared me in the eyes. He wouldn’t blink. He just stood there. I eventually let him win the staring contest as I had things to do other than hiding nuts in the grass. But I laughed at how even the squirrel wanted to look me in the eye. What truth he was searching for, I do not know.

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  1. “Had Other things
    To Do But Store Nuts”

    Hehe it’s ‘Your’ World
    i’m only A 🐿 Squirrel
    i’m So Much Cuter
    Than My Cousin
    Rat With
    Tale What
    i’ve Noticed
    Most Since my
    Cousin Bat 🦇
    Abused in His
    Wildlife Home
    Like Road Kill
    Humans Make
    Us is You Have
    Yet to Learn the
    Lesson Of Our
    Common Rodent
    Ancestor 75 Million
    Years Ago For When
    That Meteor Struck
    The Earth Making our
    Gulf Of Mexico the
    Dinosaurs 🦖 Took
    Flight to Adapt
    As 🦅 Birds
    And We
    Into 🐿 Squirrels
    But By God Some
    Rodents Went the
    Path of Apes in
    Zombie Apocalypse
    Of Oh my God Hairless
    And Even Apes With
    Orange Make-Up
    Leading Human
    Armies to Rape
    Maim, Destroy, Kill
    The Rest of All Our
    Living Nature At
    Essence And
    Face You
    Continue to
    Destroy so i
    Look at You Square
    In The Eye As A
    Cool 🐿 Squirrel
    Wearing Shades
    To not
    Out of Nuts
    For All of Us
    But You Are
    The Pandemic
    The Worst one
    The EartH the
    Face of
    Us the
    Place We aRe
    Evolved to LiVE iN
    Inner and Outer
    Space of
    Soul So ‘Child of
    Vision’ As Super
    Tramp Also Suggests
    Do ‘Find A New Ambition’
    This Human Gig
    Ain’t WorKinG
    A Bird Before
    It is way too
    Late For All
    Of Us Now
    Nuts 🥜 i (God)
    Go With SMiLes
    See Ya Later Human
    i Do Get Around 🦇🦅

    Other than that the
    Power just Went out
    When it came Back
    On the TV And
    Started Playing
    The Minions 3
    Movie i Never
    Had time to Watch
    4 Years Ago Just
    Me Reality
    Is Stranger
    Than Fiction
    In Every way
    Even When
    You are
    As the
    Next Reality
    Indeed We Create
    Reality Children
    Of Vision
    We Must
    Do Better
    Leaders And Minions






    Bye Bye
    👋 🙌😊🦖


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