Mixed messages in a time of uncertainty

Many people are black or white thinkers. They don’t like gray. They don’t do nuance. Others live completely in the gray zone. I, for one, live in the gray. More often than not, I’m comfortable living in the gray. I think such a framework has helped me move forward in life as I often didn’t get stuck in ambuguity.

Fast forward, however, to the year 2020. The year that we either wished we could do it over or fast forward through. Our minds are struggling on how to process it all. Society, as a whole, is struggling. Individuals, businesses and institutions are at their breaking points.

As a result of this breaking point at a molecular and societal level, there are mixed messages upon mixed messages that are permeating our everyday life.

Case in point, many businesses have in their storefront windows signs to bring both closed and open. It’s as if they can’t make up their mind. However, at this point why not have multiple signs and mixed messages at the ready? There is hardly any consistency in the air and we might as well be ready for anything that may come.

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  1. Big Picture Visionary Seers
    Smaller Picture Black And
    White TV; Limited to 3 Channel
    Thinkers, indeed; Traveling From
    Space From the Distance of Moon
    Seeing a Mostly Lovely Blue And Green
    Orb like Magic
    As Compared
    to the Other Planets
    Although Saturn’s Rings
    Are Kinda Cool For The Notice
    A Seer of ‘ET Intelligence’ Will see
    is the Cancer Rising Out of the Blue
    And Green Orb; Pandemic, Indeed, Human
    ViRuS Destruction And Death Star CuLTuRES
    of Hairless Apes Amazingly Destroying the Only
    Home They will Ever Be Evolved to Breathe as
    ‘The ET’ Hovers Over Earth WHere is the HeART
    LiGHT For the Rest of Nature Escaped and then ‘The
    ET’ as many i’m Sure, Researches the Issue Finding A Desert
    in the Past When Humans Are Taller than Lifeless Sand So they
    Equal A Grain
    of Sand
    they Are
    As All of God
    As Nature Naked
    Gets Lost in the Human
    CuLTuRaL SiN Transaction
    of Making Existence Less than
    All that is Reducing Nature to
    Words; Idols of Essence
    For What All Nature
    Breathes in Dance
    And Song Now
    Still When
    And Free;
    So Now, ‘The ET’
    And or ET’s, No Matter
    How many Exist Hovering
    Above the Earth, See the Tipping
    Point of Darkness the Death Star
    That Human CuLTuRES continue to
    Bring; ‘They’ Ask, Take me to Your Leader
    The Leader of All this Destruction, Death,
    Misery and Suffering Coming More; They
    Don’t Have to Look Far; indeed ‘He’ Has
    His Own TV Station; Fox News; There They
    See the Essence of the problem; Human Lies Human Lies
    in Light of Dark Truth
    So What Will ET Do;
    Smiles, Just took
    A Photo in the
    Back Yard
    of A Rabbit
    Eating Greenery
    From Wild Flower Colors;
    A Squirrel Scampering Across
    the Yard; Birds Singing Among Trees
    of So Many Species too; Just Growing
    Green Coloring The Earth With No Restraint;
    For They KNoW, No Evil of the Human Kind; They
    KNoW, No Ignorance Clothed Away From Nature Our Kind…
    if only
    We Had
    Never Put on
    Clothes Around
    Our Flesh and Blood
    And HeART of LoVinG
    All That Breathes And Grows;
    Then Perhaps We Would Not Be
    on the Precipice of the Tipping Fall Now

    Just Begun;
    Yet the Rabbit
    Still Munches Green;
    The Squirrel Still Scampers
    Across the Wild Flower Weeds
    For Sun Flowers We Feed ‘We’ give



    We take

    It’s always been

    The Real Path to Success….

    As Science Shows, After Human
    Goes away Committing Group Suicide
    Freely this way; in 300 MiLLioN Years
    A Nautilus Shell May Still Exist in the Fossil
    But No
    Left of the
    Sin of Clothes
    We Continue to Wear
    Destroying the Nature
    That Will Recover Just Fine
    After the Cancer of Us

    Clothed is far gone now..

    There is one Solution,
    Get Naked And Play
    Together Nicely again

    or sadly


    Wile E. Coyote
    Die As the Road Runner Survives…
    HAha; And i’m ‘The Evil one’ for Being

    ‘Still Naked’….

    Do Understand
    What ‘The Apple’ Truly is…
    At Core With Clothes on Rotten NoW in Deed…


  2. I live entirely in the gray, while wishing for the solidity of just being able to believe in someone. Something. Sometimes.

    The problem is that everyone can’t agree on what is black and white. And I can’t ignore that other kinds of people are out there, in my world, and there’s nothing I can do about it. But I can’t, like many of them, pretend that there’s no one else.

    Meanwhile, we all have to eat, almost every day, or the question becomes moot. Which means I depend on the food growers and processors, because I have no capability, at my age and state of disability, to create food for myself.

    Not everyone has the luxury of ignoring reality.


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