Living in New York City this past year has been an act of love

Living in New York City this past year has been an act of love, resistance and resilience. Plainly speaking, it has been hard. Day in and day out I walked to the clinic wondering how we would get to the other side. Sadly, for many others it didn’t make sense to stay in the city and they packed up and left. Thousands upon thousands have supposedly left the city. Some have left for the suburbs, others left to other states.

For some of us who have stayed in the city, we are looking at our beloved city wondering what is next. I’m walking around the city looking at the highrises thinking of how there are still do many being built. Yet, who will occupy them?

There will be newcomers. That I do not doubt. There will be shifts in the population. I myself will be looking to see if there are decreases in the rental market prices. New York reinvents itself every so often. We will do so again and rise to the occassion. That I am sure of.

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  1. One Thing i Love About
    Blogging is it Gives
    One an Opportunity
    To Virtually Walk in
    The Shoes of a Stranger
    Reading Their Story
    Telling And or Poetry
    Moving to Deepest
    Depths of their
    Souls indeed
    Expanding Our
    Souls in Cognitive
    Empathy This way
    For Those Who See
    And Value Life’s
    Experiences so
    i find Great
    Affective Feelings
    Of Empathy in Joy
    As Others Share What
    They Value Differently
    Than me As You were
    Analyzing the Prospects
    Of Those living in Newly
    Constructed Skyscrapers
    In New York, New York…
    i thought of the most
    Beautiful Day at the
    Beach Where i
    Took Photos and
    Wondered Why
    No one else was
    There to Witness
    The Miracle of
    Nature that
    Now many
    Have Had An Opportunity
    And Still Do to See
    Miracles then…
    Smiles.. Blogging
    Kodak Moments of
    Soul… Thanks for sharing
    A Stranger’s Soul Each
    And Every Day as my
    Mother Told me
    Before i
    At Age
    4…. i Had my Arms
    Open to Every Stranger…
    A Few Returned the Hug..:)


  2. I have a feeling that NYC will not be the only place reinventing itself. The same applies to a whole variety of places and to a whole lot of people and businesses and institutions and on and on.

    I have been forced to reinvent myself as well, and not just by the pandemic lockdown. If I ever can motivate myself enough, I plan to write about that whole situation, which will hopefully be a cathartic experience because boy do I need at least one of those!

    I may post, though possibly not, since at this point I have no idea where I want to end up, though I expect that decision to be within my purview by the time the lockdown ends. Since even before the lockdown started, I have been on an emotional roller coaster over which I’ve had no control or foresight, so I’m looking forward to being able to be and do for myself again in what will probably be a new normal world for all of us. A double new beginning?


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