What is happening beloved NYC?

Again, I will outright state that I’m a die-hard New Yorker. I love this city with all its highs and lows. I was excited to return to my beloved city after five years back out in California. When I left New York City it was in a good place. It was the safest big city. We had gone through a lot for it to reach that point. And, it did ostensibly lose a bit of its old grimy character. Admittedly, it got a bit of the Disney treatment. Times Square was a totally different beast than 20 years ago.

When I moved out to California, while I enjoyed my time there, I was excited to return. And, I did. Eagerly. Then I started wondering about the grime and scene I was encountering in the NYC subways. Something felt different. Very much so. There’s definitely a change in the air. From pandemic to anxiety to quarantine to flooding the streets there’s a different feel to it all. And, I believe it will continue to change.

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  1. Years ago I was in London after about ten years and I found it dirty and neglected and I was very upset. So I understand your state of mind. London used to be my favorite city but now it isn’t anymore.

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  2. I wonder if my disability and chronic illness will keep me from every visiting NYC again in person.

    Not that I managed it enough when I lived in NJ for 37 years – all but the first ten or so sick and with kids. But I did. Youngest daughter and I went to Central Park to see The Gates!

    And I remember taking my mother to the Met – when you could still park underneath.

    And the kids and husband taking me to the Museum of Natural History and the NY Public Library and…

    Each year I managed less, but it was always a promise.

    Youngest daughter loves it – has spent a lot of time there, done the ‘standing in line for student tickets’ thing…

    Don’t worry. It will return. Changed but alive. A pandemic and rising seas? No biggies. It’s NYC.

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  3. Perhaps New York Has
    Better Leadership Now
    Perhaps ‘They’ Really
    Care about Life
    Now More than
    A Convention
    Tonight of Overall
    Total Group Lies
    After All ‘They’
    Say Truth Will
    Really Set Ya Free..:)


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