Turning my son into my shopping partner

Last summer my son and I had a blast. We went on several domestic trips to enjoy the beautiful summer pool weather. He loves swimming. Just loves it. Thus, I sought out trips where he could get in plenty of pool time and where I could get in some possible sightseeing. We went to the Keys, Puerto Rico, Ocean City and more. He was a memorable summer not only because of the travel destinations but also because of the travel experience itself. We laughed – afterwards of all near flight misses. Miami airport will forever be imprinted as the very large airport where one can easily miss a flight. He became, overnight, my fun travel partner.

This summer, we sadly couldn’t continue that new routine. My travel partner had to be sidelined. We all did, in essence.

This summer, however, while we couldn’t travel we did take up some fun new activities. For instance, we took up skateboarding. We also went shopping together. I’m not a big in-store shopper. I get inpatient. Yet, my son and I have been shopping together and I’ve rather enjoyed it. He goes searching for new games and electronic devices . I search for shoes and electronic devices. We found common ground. We laugh at the lined. We giggle at some of the funny scenes we come across.

My son has become my shopping partner. And, I’m most grateful for that partnership. We can’t travel but we can certainly hang out together walking through the new covid-19 landscape. We put on our masks and sanitize every so often. We’ve got our routines down. We bob and weave avoiding the crowds. We check out new products and dream of fun times with possibilities.

I welcome your thoughts

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